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"Causa Privata" Law Firm comprises of highly qualified Russian and foreign lawyers, alumni of the best Russian and international universities (including, inter alia, Moscow State University and MGIMO).


Due to our global presence in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia and USA we have a unique possibility to represent our clients both in Russia and abroad. 


We value our clients and always aim at providing them with high quality and practical solutions.

Legal Services


Our firm provides a broad range of legal services to both companies and individuals.


Such services include, inter alia:

- providing support of commercial activities of our clients;

- advising on Russian antitrust regulation and practicies;

- representing our clients in commercial and state courts, as well as in criminal cases.

Unique expertise and excellent qualification of our lawyers make us able to support our clients in both simple cases and complex projects.

Clients of our Team
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Areas of Expertise

Corporate law, M&A


Energy, Mining and Natural resources


Commercial disputes


Asset tracing


Antitrust and Competition, Compliance 




Intellectual property


Family and Labor law​


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