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Know Your Client

Have concerns if your counterparty is bankrupt or not?

Not really sure if your client is honest with you?

Would like to know if your client is really reliable?

Wish to avoid any unpleasant surprises for you and your business?


Causa Privata Law Firm will collect and provide you with all important information about your client!


With the help of Causa Privata Law Firm you will obtain all important information and details about your client, including, inter alia:


  • whether your client is (or was) in the process of reorganzation or liquidation;


  • whether your client was declared bankrupt or is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings;


  • whether your client is (or was) engaged in any commercial disputes (and in what status); and


  • other important facts about your client.


Such information about your client (or potential client) will help you to make a decision on whether you really want to deal with this particular person, and how risky it may be.

A small price for you to know everything imprtant about your client
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