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About Our Firm

"Causa Privata" Law Firm is one of very few Russian law firms that provide international-standard legal services of the best quality and on very acceptable and transperent conditions.

Our firm was established by alumni of the law faculty of the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, one of the best law universities in Russia. This ensures the fundamental nature of knowledge we use as the basis for protection of our clients' interests and positions. 

Our lawyers have a very broad experience of working for international law firms and state agencies of the Russian Federation. This allows us to be a leader in the market and use our practical experience as well as our knowledge of the specifics of the decision making process used by authorities to serve our clients in the most efficient manner and provide them with practical solutions only.

Unique experience and qualification of our lawyers make us able to advise on project of any level of complexity with undisputably perfect results and high quality of services we provide to our clients. During the lifetime of our firm we have had no single case where our clients' interest were injured. We consider success of our clients as our own success and thus protect our clients' interests as the one and only matter of priority.


"Causa Privata" Law Firm has a global presence not only in Russia, but also in post Soviet countries (including those comprising the CIS), as well as in Europe, Asia and USA. Our representative offices and trusted correspondent firms are located in more than 30 countries (including, inter alia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, UK, Germany, India and USA) and in more than 50 major cities (including, inter alia, Moscow, London, Singapore, Dehli and Boston). This ensures the full range of services and coverage for any needs our clients may have.

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